Friday, January 11, 2013

Snowmobiling at last !

So we went snowmobiling last Sunday. We had a good time being with our friends, but the trails were crappy and BUMPY ! I really hate to say this, but i want some SNOW-- yes, that four letter word we all love. I'm looking forward to going a little further north soon to hit the Sequin trails. They are so majestic going through the forests with the snow laden trees and the frozen waterfalls coming out of the rock faces. Gorgeous. But,  i don't think i should've gone without wrapping my wrist. I had shooting pains in my wrist and forearm all the way home. It hurt almost as bad as it did the first day i hurt it 3 weeks ago! I came home, wrapped it, took some pain killers and went to bed. Apparently i have to go for further testing as it still causes me grief. Fingers crossed it's just taking a long time to heal. I don't have time for injuries ! I have crafting to do and snowmobiling to enjoy! LOL

I was off the day after we went snowmobiling and i spent the day making a couple cards. I wanted to be able to start over so i could play a little longer in my craft room....LOL  I finished some cards i've been working on for Pointer Scrapbooking. Here's some pix of them.


  1. Wow hun your cards are fab love how you have put them together, may get lots of tips from you hun xxx

  2. awww, how sweet of you ! xx glad to have you pop by any time !