Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy weekend everyone ! i spent the day cropping with some friends at The Scrapping Bug.  It was a fun day. As usual i didn't get alot accomplished, but i think the jist of the day is to get together with friends, laugh and share ideas---and that we did. How did you all spend your Saturday ?

I'm slowly getting the hang of adding links on my blog to other wonderful ladies' blogs. Bear with me during the process LOL... i hope to have the links on here over the next few days.

I hate to say it, but i now wish for some snow. We are leaving early in the morning to drive north a little ways to go snowmobiling. It would be alot easier to just drive to our friend's house in the country (where we used to live) and leave from their backyard. However, i am really looking forward to spending time with Dennis and Darlene and snowmobiling. Fingers crossed we find some snowy trails tomorrow !

I will post some photos of cards i made today on monday....stay tuned !

Happy crafting....xx

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  1. It was a blast yesterday!!! Have a great time today... there is a bit of snow falling!! {{HUGS}}