Thursday, January 10, 2013


oh my goodness .....! I finally got full-time at work ! It only took 9 1/2 years LOL. Not that my hours will change alot (other than at this time of year when we typically get reduced hours). But just knowing that i'm full time gives me a little more sense of job security. i'm grateful this finally became a reality. There are some that did not get the 'roll-over' and i totally understand their frustration. i've been passed over a couple times and by less senior people than me. It is VERY frustrating. I hope those that didn't get it this time, will next time.
As for this evening, i am off to water aerobics. LOL wish me luck !! I'm going with my sister and a friend. I hope this will jump start my need to get active. Fingers crossed it will. :)
Still having upload issues with photos. I hope to have this issue resolved soon.
Please come back and visit.

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