Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Inky Chick Challenge #38

hi ..everyone ! I am excited to have a card to share.... It is for a challenge over on the Inky Chicks Challenge blog. Check out all the wonderful cards my fellow DT members have created ! And don't forget to upload yours to the challenge as well. Thank you to our sponsor for this challenge : Stitchy Bear  Digi Outlet
My card is made for a friend. She is going to a wedding in a couple weeks and asked me to make her a card. The wedding is black and white, but I couldn't help adding just a bit of colour. I hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by.... and don't forget to go check out Inky Chicks blog !!

Happy crafting everyone ~~ Create a wonderful day

Monday, August 11, 2014

Inky Chick Challenge #35

Hi friends ! 

Life's been a little crazy... Well, ALOT crazy! But happy to share with you a card I made for the Inky Chicks challenge ! I hope you like it. I used 
 You can check out their blog Here .
I've had blog land blunder..... I am away from home and my iPad is not cooperating with uploading pix to my blog. Please check out the Inky Chicks blog for deets!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring.....around the corner...?

Is spring around the corner.....or is it more like four blocks a way.....?! LOL A friend at work said that to me yesterday and I laughed out loud....he has such a great sense of humor .. So on that note, I have to admit that although I want to go snowmobiling just one more time, I am ready for spring. I am starting to get cabin fever and want to get outside and enjoy fresh air and the warmth from the sun. So fingers crossed spring really is around the corner and not four blocks

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Home sweet home....

Wow--how time flies!! I was so looking forward to vacation and now it has come and gone...I just got home yesterday from Cuba! Oh how nice it was! I went with my friend Lysa. We had a great time, met some fun people and enjoyed some fabulous weather! 
I think next year might have to be a ten day or two week vacation. One week just doesn't seem to give enough time to really enjoy the stay. I will have to look in to that.

On a crafting note..... I've been busy making my niece's wedding invitations. I really like how they turned out and so does my niece :). I will post a picture of the final thing when she gives me the pictures..... She changed it from colour to black and white.

Now that I'm back from vacation and FINALLY rid of that cold ( I only cough now and again)... I am getting back in the groove of crafting, prepping for card classes at Younique and working on challenges. 

My goal is to post more frequently..... Honest!

Happy Crafting and create a wonderful day !!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cold anyone ?

Hello blog-land.....and Happy new Year every one !!
Well I must say that 2013 ended with a thud and 2014 began with one... Anyone else out there not able to shake the seasonal bugs that are going around?? I had such a bad cold in November I was off work for a week. I had a lingering cough and then got a weird version of a head cold at Christmas. It is now January 11 and I STILL have the stuffy nose and this cough! I have never had so many colds/illnesses..... It's draining to say the least.

I am back to teaching classes at Younique. It's been great fun to get reacquainted with ladies that I haven't seen in a while! There's some adorable Images for the class and card kits are available for purchase through Younique as well. check them out! :)

Anyone else make new year resolutions? I don't normally but this year I wanted to. Last year was a rough year. My parents have had some health issues and of course Mom had her spinal surgery which took its toll on her and the family. So in 2014 I warned to make a vow, I guess, more so than a resolution. I wanted to make a vow to myself to be authentic. So for me, this means a little less pleasing everyone else and a little more doing what pleases me. And I don't mean this in as selfish way. I just mean that I vow to speak my mind when necessary.....stand up for what I believe..... And surround myself with those that are as true to me as I am to them. 

So here's to a better 2014.... I wish everyone a year of new adventures,lessons, love,joy and blessings!

Happy crafting and create a wonderful day!