Tuesday, January 1, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone !! I hope you all enoyed the holidays and spent time with family, friends and loved ones. Christmas this year was even more special as our granddaughter, Chloe, who is just over 2yrs old, was a little more interactive. Although she was losing interest in opening gift after gift, she loved her 'baby and stroller'. Amazing how little girls as young as 2 know what to do with dolls and their accessories!
I was a little late in getting in to the Christmas spirit this year. I'm not sure why...perhaps the lack of snow... maybe it's the commercialization of it all. But I decided to put the tree up the night before Christmas Eve to see how Hershey would react. He's my 10 month old exotic short hair and this was his first tree. I was a bit worried he and I would end up 'eye-to-eye' if you know what I mean....LOL He was pretty good, so i decorated the tree in the morning of Christmas Eve. The 3 muskateers loved curling up under the's a few pictures. But i forgot to take a picture of the tree with the lights on! OY.... oh

Here's a few pictures of some Christmas tags i made as well. There is also a wine bottle tag i made for my niece and her husband for hosting Christmas. I just loved the Dreamerland  and the Magnolia Christmas stamps i used for the tags.
Thanks for stopping by....bare with me as i learn this blogging curve. Hope you stop by again !

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  1. Hi lovely, great to see you up and running xx
    Love your tree and your very beautiful cats <3
    Wonderful tags! be back ;)
    Love,melly. xxx