Sunday, January 13, 2013

Birthday Card request

Happy Sunday everyone ! It's been raining here off and on for a few days so we have lost all our snow. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing....LOL... You see, in order to make the winter the least bit bearable, i have become a snowmobiler. Yep, that's right. I actually enjoy it to be honest. That is, when the trails aren't murderously bumpy. But with this rain, the trails are slowly closing again--even a fair ways north. So i hate to say it folks, but i'm hoping for some of the white fluffy stuff. Yes please. Mother Nature can sprinkle some of that fluff all over for about the next 2 months and then bring on the rain again. How does that sound? Fair? lol..... 
And then there is Peter. He's the little bunny living under my deck. I have given him hay to make a bed. ( which im not sure he is using btw...) and i have also been drying out carrots and celery to feed him, as frozen food isnt very good for his wee belly. With the rain though, he may be gallavanting in the neighborhood and checking out everyones backyards. He does come back home to our place--the food is always gone. :) I have yet to get a picture of this little critter. He is pretty darn quick!! 
I was going through some folders and came across this card i made for a coworker. She was giving it to a girlfriend of her for her birthday. I had fun making it. There's a little shaker on the base. The bee was on the paper and i strategically cut it so that the bee ended up inside the shaker. The stamp is a Kraftin' Kimmy. I love these little cute!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting :)

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