Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cold anyone ?

Hello blog-land.....and Happy new Year every one !!
Well I must say that 2013 ended with a thud and 2014 began with one... Anyone else out there not able to shake the seasonal bugs that are going around?? I had such a bad cold in November I was off work for a week. I had a lingering cough and then got a weird version of a head cold at Christmas. It is now January 11 and I STILL have the stuffy nose and this cough! I have never had so many colds/illnesses..... It's draining to say the least.

I am back to teaching classes at Younique. It's been great fun to get reacquainted with ladies that I haven't seen in a while! There's some adorable Images for the class and card kits are available for purchase through Younique as well. check them out! :)

Anyone else make new year resolutions? I don't normally but this year I wanted to. Last year was a rough year. My parents have had some health issues and of course Mom had her spinal surgery which took its toll on her and the family. So in 2014 I warned to make a vow, I guess, more so than a resolution. I wanted to make a vow to myself to be authentic. So for me, this means a little less pleasing everyone else and a little more doing what pleases me. And I don't mean this in as selfish way. I just mean that I vow to speak my mind when necessary.....stand up for what I believe..... And surround myself with those that are as true to me as I am to them. 

So here's to a better 2014.... I wish everyone a year of new adventures,lessons, love,joy and blessings!

Happy crafting and create a wonderful day!

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