Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring.....around the corner...?

Is spring around the corner.....or is it more like four blocks a way.....?! LOL A friend at work said that to me yesterday and I laughed out loud....he has such a great sense of humor .. So on that note, I have to admit that although I want to go snowmobiling just one more time, I am ready for spring. I am starting to get cabin fever and want to get outside and enjoy fresh air and the warmth from the sun. So fingers crossed spring really is around the corner and not four blocks

My Dad just had his 80th birthday a couple days ago and the entire immediate family --all 27 of us-- went out for brunch. It was awesome to have us all together. Of course Im having trouble up loading my picture of his card.... So annoying! I don't know why I can't do it from my iPad? Ass Iona s I resolve the issue I will upload it.

I'm also finishing my niece's wedding invitations today. I will upload a piccy of that too when I'm finished. :)

Be grateful and create a wonderful day everyone ! <3

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