Monday, December 2, 2013

And then there were five.....

Happy Monday everyone !

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend ! I started off my weekend going to see the kitten that will finally be coming home to us this Friday. We originally went to pick him out at 4 weeks old and told we couldn't have him until he is 11 weeks old. At first thought my heart aches cuz ya know, I just want him ! But I appreciate the fact that breeder holds fast to her decision that only benefits the kitten. You see, the longer they are with their mother, the more social skills they learn. One they should pass on to me.....patience !! LOL So we have gone to see him every other week and each time (we have been 3x) we saw his sister that has not been adopted yet. Until now. We went to see our little kitty and decided to take his sister as well. So now this Friday we will be adding two, yes TWO new kitties to our crazy family. The hubby and I are out numbered big time.... there will be FIVE cats and two of us. So I now come by the nickname "crazy cat lady" honestly. I think I have converted hubby to a He sure didn't put up much of a fight when I looked at him and asked how he felt about adopting the little kitty that was left. So...... stay tuned for pictures of our new little fur-babies this weekend !!

I continued my weekend in my craft room. Hubby went to work on our snowmobiles and get them ready for the season, so I got to play in my craft room. I made some Christmas gift tags. I had so much fun making them ! I made 22 in total. Here's a sample of each. The background is not the most flattering..... I took the pictures at work. A co-worker ordered ten from me so I took the rest in to see if anyone else wanted some and realized I hadn't taken pictures of them at home !! Oy....

Thanks for stopping by !!
Have fun and Create a great day !!

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